Most people assume that they have a good body posture, others, on the other hand, do not give much importance to this, but is it really important or is it simply aesthetic?

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How should the body posture be?

Body posture is the way the body stays upright, these are the types of body posture:

Static: In this body posture there is no movement, a clear example is sitting, standing or sleeping.

Dynamics: Refers to the positions adopted during the movement, walking, stooping, holding things, etc.

5 Habits to Achieve a Good Posture

The importance of good posture has been insisted for many years, with practices that are difficult to apply, with these 5 steps below it will be easy to make your new habit a good posture. [1]

  1. Change the way you sit

This simple change generates remarkable results in people who spend most of the day sitting, such as those who work in offices, laboratories or driving.

The back should be straight, the shoulders should be firm (back and down) the feet should rest on the ground firmly. The computer must be at eye level to keep the neck erect.

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  1. Change your position

It is not advisable to cross the legs for a long time since this hinders the blood circulation of the lower limbs. You must change position constantly, walk a few minutes during your workday, no matter the distance, the goal is to stretch the large muscle groups and promote their blood flow.

  1. Seats with good support

The offices must have padded seats of adequate size so that the thighs and hips can be placed completely and properly, the latter must be at the end of the seat, attached to the backrest

The back of the chair should be ergonomically padded with natural curvatures for the spine, this favors good posture.

  1. Keep elbows and arms close to the body

The elbows and arms should be close to the body, it is estimated that at about 90 or 120º, this gives stability and also prevents leaning forward, for this the desk and chair must be at an appropriate height.

  1. Wear appropriate footwear

The feet must rest on the floor, forming an angle of 90º between the chair and the floor, this is not possible if the shoes used are high heels. During work, it is ideal not to use this type of footwear,

What is the importance of good body posture for health?

The body posture is what sustains the entire musculoskeletal system of the body, its main axis is the spine, but the shoulders and extremities play an important role in achieving an adequate balance. [2]

When adopting inappropriate postures, its effects may not be immediate, but they will have consequences, the first will be muscular pain, which can appear abruptly as cramps or more consistently as low back pain and recurrent cervicalgia.

Bad body postures alter the muscle functions of relaxation and contraction because the muscles are in inappropriate positions, for long periods.

Health consequences of poor posture

  • Muscle pain
  • Vertebral disc damage: Herniated discs
  • Knee and foot pain
  • Neck and head pain

Correct your body posture with intelligent technology

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