Are you an office worker or college student who spends long hours slumped over a desk?

Do you have bad posture, a hunched back or rounded shoulders?

Are you experiencing aching, fatigued muscles or pain in your neck, shoulders and back?


If any of the above scenarios sound familiar, the Intelligent Posture Correction Reminder from WINPOSTURE is the solution you need. It’s the smart, wearable way to realign your spine, reconfigure your posture and enjoy pain-free standing and sitting.


WINPOSTURE uses smart technology to help correct bad posture. The integrated sensor detects slouching; when you slump, the device vibrates to remind you to sit or stand up straight. With regular posture braces, your body is forced into an uncomfortable position. This discourages you from wearing the brace and as a result, your habits never change. But with the Intelligent Posture Correction Reminder, you’re prompted to actively correct your slouch. It makes it easy for you to develop better posture over time for long-term results.


The posture corrector  is easy to put on by yourself. The straps are adjustable and the brace is unisex. Shoulder contour data has been collected from 300 different subjects to determine the perfect strap length for each wearer.


That means no discomfort, no forced spinal positions and no more bad habits – just a straight spine, pain-free movement, and the confidence that comes from standing tall.